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Customer attribution with the Luz Pixel

With the Luz Pixel, you will be able to track every touchpoint that led to acquiring your customers. Drive marketing campaigns that bring actual ROI by understanding every step in your customers’ purchase journey.

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Better Visibility

Know where you stand in the market

Gain a comprehensive look at your competitor’s top products, pricing, and more.

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Compare and Contrast

Benchmark against industry leaders

Know where you stand in the market and why. View a side-by-side comparison of revenue, top sellers, etc. while seeing market and competitor trends down to the SKU level.

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“it ended up being our best selling item ... and outperformed the previous best seller by 300%”

Lisa Wilson, COO at Five the Label

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The holy grail of competitor data on e-commerce sites.
The product level details on what's selling, velocity, price point, etc. has helped refine our product roadmap. Also understanding the marketing behind these SKUs.

John H, Chief Brand Officer, V Shred

I've been looking for Luz for over 20 years. With Luz, I can understand the market, trends, and competition very precisely. It helps me to identify opportunities and make data-driven decisions to accelerate my business growth.

Alberto Carvalho, Former CEO, Procter & Gamble Brazil

An essential tool for our brand! We recently used Luz for competitor benchmarking to gain insight into whether the product we were designing was selling with similar brands... after that, we made the decision to launch our new product and it sold out within 24 hours!

Lisa Wilson, Five the Label

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