Luz for agencies

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Luz is an easy-to-integrate e-commerce hub that gives real-time insights into customer attribution, benchmarking, demand planning, market trends, and more!

Why Luz for your Agency?

Demand Forecasting

Tell your clients which products to campaign around, which products to liquidate, and which products are working for their competitors.

Attribution & Marketing Events

See what marketing events are moving the needle for competitors in real-time, and benchmark your efforts against industry leaders.


Know where your clients stand in the market without any guesswork. Explore real-time benchmarking, demand planning, and competitor & market analysis.

Luz Pixel

Know where every sale is coming from.

See exactly which platforms are driving sales and know which cross-channel paths are leading to purchases. 

The proprietary Luz Pixel is a game changer for digital agencies who are worried about the onslaught of privacy updates and want the most accurate attribution possible.

Single source of truth

Make empowered decisions by leveraging the best data available for online DTC companies

The Luz database holds over 100K+ stores and over 500M+ SKU’s, updated every day. This enables your agency to to be the expert in all things e-commerce and share in-depth understanding of what’s working in your clients’ market.

Secret Weapon

Actionable competitor data

Dominate your segment with intuitive competitor pricing, inventory, and sales volume data. Built on an internal database, competitor data is our secret sauce created to help you accelerate your growth.


Everything in one place

See all of your marketing data in a comprehensive and easy to use dashboard and save time generating reports for client briefings with the easy-to-understand dashboard.

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Luz Pixel & Customer Attribution
Demand Forecasting
Marketing Events Timeline
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