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One of a kind customer attribution

Track every touchpoint from first interaction to purchase and beyond with the Luz pixel and attribution tool. Understand your real marketing ROI without the guesswork.

Spend wisely

Spend better with Luz Attribution

Remove the blindfold with Luz Pixel and see which campaigns are driving true ROI, real customer lifetime value metrics, and the actual cost per customer acquisition. Spend more time winning and less time on the wrong campaigns and customers.

optimize marketing

Nail your marketing mix with Luz Insights

See your full marketing funnel and sales data simplified with Luz marketing insight tools. Track everything from page views, individual product sales, and even returns so you can push the right products at the right time without a data science team.


Metrics without the calculator

Forget all the manual math needed to understand your marketing metrics. Luz Marketing tools show you metrics like LTV, CAC, and full funnel ROI in one easy to understand hub without the usual data headache.

Marketing Hub

The marketing single source of truth

Gone are the days of aggregating data across your marketing channels. We integrate with top providers to give you a singular source for all your marketing information.

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