Grow sales and spend efficiently with attribution

Track every touchpoint from first interaction to conversion while tying every campaign to real orders. 
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Paid ad spend without the waste

Track which campaigns drive value and link every interaction back to orders

Increase your overall ROAS with ad level attribution and reporting for your store

Gain an unbiased view into performance of every platform, campaign, and ad

Know your customer journey

Monitor your customer journey in real-time, from first interaction to conversion. Use the Luz Pixel to track touchpoints across your full marketing mix, attribute orders to to the correct channel, and double down on  the channels with the highest ROI. Understand your customers in unprecedented detail.

Measure the full marketing funnel

Measure campaign performance across every marketing channel, including: email, SMS, organic traffic, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more.
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Influencer ROI without the guesswork

Pull the curtains back on your influencer campaigns using Luz. See the true impact for every campaign beyond just discount codes and landing page methods. Easily track reach and influenced orders so you can partner with the right talent every time. 

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