Ecommerce market trends graphed out and sales over time per product shown.

Accurately measure success with competitor benchmarking

Built on the world’s largest DTC database, easily compare your brand and products to the competition. Analyze market-wide trends and individual product comparisons with Luz benchmarking tools.
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Built on the world’s largest DTC database

With over 70,000 e-commerce brands tracked in real-time, the power of the world’s largest DTC database is within your reach at all times.
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Brands tracked across all major industries and company sizes

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Seamless integration with your Shopify store for accurate comparision

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With 95% validated data accuracy guesswork is truly gone

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Benchmark industry wide progress

With over 70,000 commerce companies tracked in real time, Luz benchmarking enables a macro view into the everyday trends of the e-commerce marketplace.

Insights in record time

Built with ease of use in every step, Luz helps teams gain valuable insights from day one. 
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Better decisions with data validation

Luz benchmarking gives brands the power to validate revenue fluctuations, product wins, and trends across macro and micro views. Let data guide you to the right decision every time so you can validate your hunches, make decisions quickly, and be more efficient than the competition.

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