Activewear brand develops a data validated product that outperforms their top-selling product by 300% with Luz

5 X ROI with Luz
#1 Product of all time


Five The Label wanted to expand their product offerings and move into adjacent markets. With the rapid change of the e-commerce industry, they were hesitant to make a move without a better understanding of competitor and market trends.

How they did it

Using Luz, Five The Label identified their top competitor’s sales, inventory and product data. Once they saw what their competitors were successfully selling, they found the drive to go and focus on a new product. Once launched, it sold out the same day and they doubled their revenue. Now, it’s their top-selling product of all time.

The Results

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5 X ROI with Luz
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#1 Product of all time
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600% more units sold than previous best seller

After we made these moves, the sales numbers were astronomically larger on this one item. It ended up out-performing our top product by 300%, and remains a staple for our customers.

- Lisa Wilson, COO
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