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Actionable, real-time benchmarking

Know where you stand in the market and why. View a side-by-side comparison of revenue, top sellers, industry volume, inventory volume, and so much more. See market and competitor trends down to the SKU level.

Demand forecasting

Demand Planning made easy

Better manage inventory quantities for top-performing products that should be restocked to match demand through our SKU level inventory management feature. We also give insights into low-performing products that should be liquidated.

Competitor Data

Remove blindspots with actionable competitor data

Dominate your segment with intuitive competitor pricing, inventory, and sales volume data. Built on an internal database, competitor data is our secret sauce created to help you accelerate your growth.

Market insights

Get a pulse on where the market is moving

Gain access to market-wide data to help you gain an understanding of trends happening on a mass scale. We take out the guesswork so you can understand where you stack up against your competitors.

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