Zoom in on your customers’ behaviors

Allocate resources to the right channels and campaigns with deep insights into your customers and their buyer behavior.
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Customer loyalty, simplified

Simple, easy to use customer loyalty metrics without the usual guesswork. Remove blindspots in your brand health with one click tracking of:

View average amount of repeat orders per customer

See a general mix of new vs repeat customers

Top performing retargeting campaigns across platforms

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Straightforward metrics that drive sales

Tired of needing a Shopify plugin for every metric? With our customer analytics tools you get all the accurate, useful metrics you need in one place. Easily digestible data that covers customer LTV, average order value, CAC, customer demographics, and more. 

Measure the health of your customers

Real time monitoring of customer reviews and purchasing patterns provide you a unique scoring of customer health. Using our algorithm, see an overall score of customer health and receive alerts as volatility occurs so you can protect your brand image at all times.
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Better decisions with data validation

Luz customer analytics provides brands with top tier customer data to guide decisions across the board. Let data lead you to the right decision every time so you can scale faster and more efficiently than the competition.

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