A new era of market research for the world's leading brands

Gain market share and stay ahead of the trends using real-time, actionable data from over 70K+ e-commerce sites.

How it works

Instantly access the most accurate and up-to-date information for your market.
Search and analyze e-commerce companies by properties like revenue and category.
View and track cross-market product sales down to the SKU level.

Luz in action

01. Know your market share in the fastest growing channel - online
02. Create successful new products with data from 70K+ brands
03. Optimize inventory with product sales data from 500M+ SKUs
I’ve been looking for Luz for over 20 years
With Luz, I can understand the market, trends and competition very precisely. It helps me to identify opportunities and make data-driven decisions to accelerate my business growth.
Alberto Carvalho Former CEO, Procter & Gamble Brazil
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