Product research, simplified

Using the world’s largest DTC database, research products with advanced filters to guide you in the product development process.
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Insights in record time

Built with ease of use in every step, Luz helps teams gain valuable insights from day one. 

Simple and streamlined integration process

Class leading support and onboarding

Easy to use platform with an intuitive data display

Discover new products in record time

Filter and aggregate product trends with ease across the e-commerce landscape. Filter by product verticals, top sellers, colors, price points, and more to research new products with quality, in-depth data backing.

Built on the world’s largest DTC database

With over 100,000 brands and 500 million SKU’s tracked, the power of the ecommerce marketplace is at your fingertips. Get insights tailor-made for e-commerce brands.
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Better decisions with data validation

Luz inventory management provides brands with top tier data to guide demand planning decisions.

Ready to manage inventory without the guesswork?

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